Joe West and Friends 

Margaret "The Buddhist" Burke

She chants buddhist syllables so has the ability to survive years of Joe West. She is the bass player sent by angels.

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Arne "Silver Fox" Bey

A man reincarnated in his own lifetime. The best drummer in the world.

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Karina "Gin and Tonic" Wilson

She's amazing at almost everything but fiddle seems to be what she does with the band.

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Tim "Banana Schnapps" Arnold

He's a narcissist,  he's deaf,  he's broke, but he rocks like hell.

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Here are some cats that play part time in the line up (when money, space, vibe are at a premium)

Westin "Fraudvillian" McDowell

He plays a bunch of different instruments but when he pulls out that trombone the party starts.

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Ryan "Heavenly Strings" Little

When he comes around Joe gets excited and starts singing old Red Sovine songs.

Earl Poole Ball

Earl is a special treat that comes up from Austin every once in a while. When he does, the world shakes.

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