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Joe West

28 Shenandaoh Trail

Santa Fe, N.M.



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Joe West: Rodeo of the Soul 

The newest CD in the Joe west collection. A strange, eclectic romp through the emotional, spiritual

struggles of Mr. Joe West.

Track list: Dysfunction, Twelve Gates, Blood Red Velvet, In the Boxcar, Rolling River, Bass Player is a Junkie,

Josh Went to Yoga, Back When We Was Young, Keeper of the Light, Mom, Rodeo of the Soul (Remix).


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Joe West: The Human Cannonball

A classic in the Joe West collection. Released in 2005 on the Frogville label. this CD contains some

good ones.

        Track list: Combines are Coming, Oklahoma Bound, The Human Cannonball, $300 Car, Anita Pita, Trotsky's Blues, Straight Man in a Gay World, Jam Bands in Colorado, Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Banker's Son, Jimmy Joe the Wrangler, Talkin' Terror Yodel, Heaven.


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Joe West: Aberdeen,SD

Joe spent a month with old friends Brooks Briscoe and Paris Briscoe in Aberdeen, South Dakota,  

recording original songs on an old cassette 4 track deck. Joe had lived there for a few years in his

younger days, so they had fun writing and recording material inspired by party days.


Track list: Goin' Down to Kesslers, Keg Party at the Muldoon Farm, Johny's Not Here, Wilson Jermanski, Keeper of

the Light, Old Friends, Little Louis, Home, Keg Party at the Muldoon Farm (original mix), There Goes Brooks, Bronx.


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Joe West and the Santa Fe Revue: Blood Red Velvet


Recorded with the band The Santa Fe Revue. A dark look at life in the southwest.

See review in No Depression

                       Track list: It's All Over, Pink Nun, The Blues, Tara's Song, I Got it All (featuring Lori Ottino),  

Frank's Time Travel Experiment, Death in Santa Fe, Blood Red Velvet, The  Glory Days of Dona Dillenschneider,

Paradise, Don't Let em Get You Down, Hometown Shit Beer, Don't Let us Get Sick (Featuring Margaret Burke).

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Joe West: The Chicken House Recordings

Recorded in and around a chicken house south of SantaFe,NewMexico.  One of Joe's most personal and heartfelt recordings.


                        Track list: F Train to Brooklyn, Don't Let Em Get You Down, I Left My Car at Maria's, Trouble on Your Mind,  Johny and Mikey, Cynthia, Well Laid Plans, Pills N Alcohol,  Williamsburg,  Death in Santa Fe, Iowa Somewhere, Dinner with Grandmother.

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 First album Joe recorded at Frogville Studios. Released 2004

                    Track list:  Into, South DakotaHairDo, Repriman, Frank's Jealous, 21st Century Garbage Man, Cold Canadian Love, Sometimes Lovers, Jamie III, Intro #2, Well Laid Plans, More Than You'll Ever Know, Video Taping Our Love

Joe West: South Dakota HairDo


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